Sunday, 16 August 2015

Back Jewels

Some sparkly Sunday inspiration for you all today! As well as you're traditional necklaces and bracelets on your wedding we stock some boho beauties that will add the perfect details to your dresses. These double necklaces modelled by the surfer babe Corinne Evans, can be worn wrapped around the neck twice for dresses with less upper detail or with a low neck...OR they can be worn on the back. These are so perfect for backless numbers!

With an open back these fall effortlessly down the back, still with a little bit of detail on the front...two necklaces in one. So stunning for our beach brides, ones who want the boho feel or those of you who want something a little different for your big day! 

We ADORE them and they are all handmade in Cornwall by Tegen. 
Find more of her jewels on her website: 

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