Monday, 19 October 2015

Real Bride Story - Christina & Alex

"Alex and I met in 2011 after I had moved in the house across the street from him. From neighbours to friends, we became inseparable since the day we met.  He proposed to me in April 2014, and we couldn't wait to start planning our big day.  We were married at the Gates on Roblin, a beautiful venue overlooking the river in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  We wanted to have a formal garden themed, flowers and more flowers!  Our colours for our big day were blush and gold.  We wanted a more informal look for our wedding party, so each of the bridesmaids wore different pink coloured dresses, and our groomsmen wore different outfits, all with a hint of pink.  

The outdoor ceremony was both intimate and lovely. The weather was hot - about 34C that day - and our wedding programs doubled as fans to keep out guests cool for the duration of the short ceremony.  Following the ceremony, we hosted a cocktail reception on the huge outdoor deck overlooking the river.  Guests enjoyed music and champagne before the reception began.  

We wanted our reception to be elegant and classy.  We opted to skip most of the wedding traditions; we did not have a head table, nor formal dinner, no speeches, no children, and no bouquet tosses or bride and groom's first dance.  Rather, we hosted a cocktail reception with delicious foods like salmon tartar, ahi tuna tataki, and beef carpaccio canapĂ©. We had done a wine tasting months before-hand and picked a delicious Argentinian Malbec and a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.  We wanted to spend more time socializing with our guests, so there was no formal sit-down for supper.  In lieu of dancing to "our song" (Falling Slowly, Glen Hasgard), we decided to perform it instead.  We both sang together, and my husband played the guitar and I played the piano.  We loved the intimacy of the performance (and rehearsing together was a load of fun too!).  We had hand selected our entire playlist for the evening; our DJ did a fantastic job of keeping the mood light with our indie pop selections.  We wanted our guests to feel as though they were at a party, and a party it was!  Dancing got underway near the end of the evening, and before the lights went down and the music turned up; we had everyone gather on the outdoor deck one more time for a fantastic 15-minute fireworks show - another surprise we had in store for our guests.

What a wonderful day it was!  

I received many (many!) compliments on my lovely Naomi Neoh "Peony" gown.  It fit my curvy figure perfectly, and I felt very pretty wearing it.  It was a very hot day, and the dress was light and airy so I really did not feel the heat (not like my husband in his 3-piece suit!).   It was a very windy day, and my dress and hair were flowing making for lovely pictures and dramatic video!  We had two photographers and two videographers and they all said I picked the perfect dress for the day.

A huge Thank you to the Bridal House of Cornwall for your wonderful service.  They sold me my beautiful gown and had a gorgeous matching veil made which looked beautiful with my flower crown.  I couldn't have been more pleased!!"

A wonderful romantic story by our over seas bride, congratulation on your big day, you look AMAZING in your Naomi Neoh gown! 

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