Monday, 31 August 2015

Boho Beach Babe

Cornwall is like living in another part of the world. Attached to the rest of the Uk but feels, smells and looks like paradise. Cornish weddings are becoming increasingly popular and we can totally see why. The boho beach vibe is a growing fantasy for brides so we thought we'd inspire you with some beach jewels to accessorise with your wedding dress, gifts for your bridesmaids to wear on the sand or even for the mothers involved. 

We love relaxed weddings, salty warm breeze blowing your hair off your shoulders, the sand between your toes when you take your heels off. We can completely see the appeal, so why not create a boho beach feel through your jewels on the day with the stunning range by Tegen Jewellery. Bangles for the bridesmaids to stack with rings, a blue statement necklace for yourself to add the something blue with a modern twist or even a sweet drop gemstone necklace for the mother-in-law, all making them fall in love with the beaches in Cornwall. All pieces handmade in Cornwall all carry the heart of the beach, the vibes of the relaxed surfer and the unique personal feel. All completely unique. 

Embrace the Cornish sun, let the natural sunset be your fireworks and make your wedding day perfect in Cornwall. 

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