Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Make Up Testimonial - Beauty Parlour


On Saturday the 12th of August I set off to St Merryn to do the lovely Rebecca Heseltons wedding make up. We had done a trail two weeks before so with the required tools in hand and the desired look fresh in my mind I arrived to her parents’ home for 11am. One of my favourite things about my job is the feeling I get when I arrive at a bride to be’s house on the morning of her wedding. Excitement is thick in the air and to be a small part of that leaves me feeling really lucky and honoured. Plus, as far as brides go Rebecca was a dream! She was excited, laid back and just so lovely to work with – which makes my job incredible easy. Rebecca chose a natural look for the day and so we went for shimmers and soft shades as you will see from the photographs. We had a laugh during the makeup and upon showing Rebecca the completed look I received a huge hug as she told me it was exactly what she had envisioned. I spent my time between doing Rebecca and her mums make up advising and having a play with the bridesmaids make up. And then when Kirsteen, Rebeccas' mum was ready I set to work with her. Again she was laid back and lovely. All she wanted were the appearance of her few age spots reduced for the day. For Kirsteen I applied a light coverage of foundation and again subtle tones. She also was thrilled and the makeup even received a compliment from her husband!

Thank you Rebecca and the bridal party, it was an honour to be there on the morning of your wedding and congratulations Mr and Mrs Miles, I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!


First of all, let me say THANK YOU so much for doing our makeup. You were so brilliant. The trial in the gorgeous bridal house of Cornwall put me right at ease. We talked about mood boards, the kind of makeup I usually wear and the kind of look we wanted for the wedding (natural, 'me at my best' and able to withstand whatever the Cornish weather threw at it). By having the trial we could tweak exactly what I wanted so I felt really comfortable and excited going into the morning of the wedding. 

And on the morning of the wedding, you were perfect. I had a cold! (No one ever reads about brides with colds!) But Amy made sure my skin was flawless. The makeup you used was great for sensitive skins, matched away a slightly dubious sunglasses tan line mark and created a natural, pretty and 'English Rose' look which I really wanted. So many people complimented me throughout the day on how well I l looked and how natural which was the best compliment ever. 

I bought my dress, veil and shoes from Bridal house of Cornwall so I had experienced first-hand how well Tash, Kelly and Amy looked after Brides to be. So when I heard Amy was setting up the beauty parlour I knew that she would have the perfect combination of someone who really knows how to look after you and make you feel special, as well as being a top notch makeup artist. I felt absolutely incredible all day and it was down in no small part to Amy and her team. 


The morning spent getting ready for the ceremony, was a time of love, companionship and purpose. Amy was in charge of doing our makeup, I do not usually wear was reluctant to do anything too radical. Rebecca, however, was keen that I have some make-up done professionally and sensitively; Amy knew exactly what was expected of her and set to.  
Amy asked if there was anything I particularly wanted and all I said was I still wanted to look like "me" but without the two age spots!! No problem she said and began.... when I looked in the mirror it was "me" on a really good day, it was "me" without the age spots and it was "me" looking happy and delighted with the results.

My husband said “It’s beautiful - you look really lovely". Note to self.....must start using make up!!

Amy also gave the bridesmaids advice and guidance when asked, was not flustered and remained calm and unhurried. It was perfect.
Amy, thank you for all you did in helping Rebecca and being a part of her special day, thank you.

I would certainly recommend Amy and I just loved knowing that I really did look my best.

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