Friday, 15 January 2016

Jackie in her Justin Alexander

Jackie's Testimonial

Our  wedding wasn’t planned to be a ‘normal’ was a celebration.... a party.... a gathering of friends and family.... an informal event for everyone to have fun, catch up and in some cases, meet for the first time. 

I wasn’t really looking forward to the wedding dress hunting day.  I’m a bit of a tom boy – not really into dresses, hair and makeup and lack self confidence when it comes to my figure and looks.  I thought I knew the sort of dress that I wanted:  plain and understated. 

Our wedding day was pretty much planned – a church wedding and then to a National Trust house on the Helford River for a picnic and outdoor games on the lawn.  The dress needed to be ‘fit for purpose’ for both venues. 

My ‘support crew’ and I decided that I should try on all styles – this was the only time I was going to wear a wedding dress – so may as well enjoy the experience.  So the girls and mum were let loose.

Tash was fantastic.  She gave me all the time I needed to walk up and down, again and again – giving honest feedback on each and every dress.  There were many aspects to the Bridal House experience that I liked – but one to mention at this point is the boudoir – the catwalk, lighting and mirrors are great – so you can see all aspects of the dresses/you!  

I think I tried on about 9 – and then I tried on one in particular – looked at everyone – they were crying!.... and then so was I – and I believe Tash also had a tear.  This was the one.  I remember stating that I looked like a princess....

However, me being me, I went to another supplier just to check what else was out there – and had the most terrible experience!  So we went back to the Bridal House – got my shortlist of dresses out, tried them on, and then tried them on some more – and narrowed it down to 2.  Poor Tash!

So – time was ticking away and Tash reminded me that I had to make a decision by the end of February due to the delivery time. So back I went and tried on the final 2. Decision made.  It was the teary dress – as I knew all along! Justin Alexander 8753! Bling bling and more bling.  Everything that I said I wouldn’t have. Hilarious. 

A veil was also chosen as the train on the dress was ‘conservative’ (allowing for the outdoor games...) so it was agreed that I needed a veil for impact as I walked down the aisle.  The King Charles the Martyr Church in Falmouth is a beautiful large church – with an impressive aisle. 

It was all ordered up – along with my shoes – dress fittings booked in and that was it.  So stress free! 

The dress fitting experience was a laugh – it seemed months since I had seen the dress (although I remember popping in one lunch break to check I still liked it).  The seamstress was so knowledgeable – and I felt at complete ease with what she proposed to do.  I was lucky – not a vast amount had to be done – just a little uplift J.

The dress, hair and makeup were kept secret from all apart from my mum and sister and 2 close friends. When I walked into the church I think everyone was amazed....  Justin was in tears...  I felt amazing and if I say so myself, looked beautiful. 

The day itself was perfect.  Just perfect.  Everything that we had wished for.  The weather was amazing – despite being at the end of September – I think we had summer on that day.  The picnic was fabulous (can I plug Kerra’s Catering at this point who also did our hog roast – absolutely fantastic).  Everyone entered into the spirit in which we had planned it.  The photos (Toby Weller – again, highly recommended) just summed it up – lots of laughs, fun and games.

I didn’t want to take my dress off.  I felt amazing in it all day...  Justin’s plan is that I wear it every anniversary.  Yeah,  we’ll see...

Thank you to each and every one of you at The Bridal House for giving such a friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and honest experience. 

Jackie Lees (Nee George)

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