Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Braids For Brides

We are seeing braids all over the place lately and we cannot get enough. They are beautiful and can be worn for any type of wedding, so we put together a little inspiration for those who adore these creations as much as we do.

The crown braid is effortlessly elegant. Fits into nearly any wedding style, it can be tight and neat or pulled with loose hanging curls to make it more rustic looking. Every girl loves a crown and places little flowers in between is something we absolutely adore for this bridal hair look.

Fishtail braids are a wonderful way to have your hair when you are wanting it out the way but still want to show the gorgeous length you have. Wonderful for country weddings and always looking magical from all angles. 

Side braids can also be a wonderful way to incorporate your flowers into. By simply pushing a few pulled flowers from your bouquet into it, it makes for wonderful photos and really brings a summer feel to your big day. Why not try a loose pulled braid, keeping the shape of the braid but keeping it loose with fly away hairs but create a beautiful look for those rustic country brides.

A lot of brides are going for hair down instead of up so show off their long locks but braiding front parts back and wrapping it around, with big loose waves makes for a glorious wedding hairstyle. This makes us dream of a more laid back perhaps beach wedding with flowing curls in the wind. Keeping your hair off your face as the breeze blows and making for romantic photos as the sun sets.

For those brides who love a big flowing ponytail, you can create a stunning hairstyle with braiding parts of your hair back into it. Fabulous for festival or boho weddings, not perfectly crafted but from any angle it looks dramatic and you'll always look back on your photos and think wow my hair looks fabulous. 

And to peak your bridal inspiration taste buds we gave a few ideas for the perfect wedding dresses to wear with your beautiful braids. Our beautiful detailed Claire Pettibone gowns, Prairie Rose and Wyoming. The floating elegance of Esme from Naomi Neoh and our newly landed Ophelia by JML that adds a bit of sparkle to your chilled vibe dress.

There are endless ideas when it comes to bridal hair but right now we are all about the chilled vibes of braids...which is your favourite?

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