Thursday, 25 June 2015

Something Blue Part 1

This is the first mini post on our "something blue" inspiration for you all. Our beautiful blue pieces shouldn't always be hidden away or something so small no one notices it... why not show off your blue beauties in all their glory, starting with some super hot blue accessories! 

Our gorgeous Mimosa heels in powder blue leather by Rachel Simpson are exactly what you need to make your feet pop and give a flash of blue on your big bag, not everything has to be white or match your theme, sometimes it's fun to break the rules. We love a pop of colour but why not match them up a bit with some delicate blue nails with our boho stamps over the top to take it down a tone? The perfect way to tie in some small but beautiful details that adds to everything being perfect. 

Remember on Mondays we have drop in appointments so no need to book just pop in and see our lovely beauty therapist Amy for your super hot bridal nails! OR drop her an email to book in the week: Amy Griffiths 

We're looking forward to meeting you beautiful brides! 

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